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An aroma which brings a sweetness and serenity, encouraging a feeling of being at home in your own skin. Warm notes of nutmeg & cardamom are reminiscent of the changing seasons and sipping hot tea in a cozy sweater. Lavender and jasmine bring a tone of beauty and feminine force, while amber and vanilla soaked in golden jojoba invoke strength and confidence. Sandalwood & frankincense round out with notes of resin and earth, encouraging stability & a remembering of the sacredness of life itself.

~Crafted intentionally with aspects of sensory stimulation and emotional influence; to transport you to a place of sweet serenity instantly.~

Made with all organic ingredients, always:

Vanilla bean & Amber resin soaked jojoba oil, Essential oils of Lavender, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Cardamom, & Nutmeg.


Roll onto pulse points, Breathe freely, and soak into peace and sweet serenity.


Sweet Serenity Roller Perfume

  • Notes of serene Sandalwood with a hint of Nutmeg sparkled with Cardamom. Resins of Frankincense & Amber resonate warmth & earthy comfort. Lavender & Jasmine blossoms shimmer in bringing fuzzy floral feelings. 


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