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MyApothekeri is centered around aromatherapy in the form of essential oil aromatics, plant perfumery, & natural body care. These self care tools and rituals, are crafted with heart, utilizing entirely pure & organic ingredients. These formulations are combined in consideration of the multiple aspects of sensory & synergy, to create blends that are truly compatible & sensational. Each ingredients' unique properties & inherent contributions are composed intentionally to create blends that are simple, but effective and in essence of their desired intention. The powers of aromatics are encompassed in each blend, to engage with the good ol'factory system, which is directly linked to memory & emotional parts of the brain. Aromatics act as an avenue to awaken these parts inside of us, which may not otherwise be tickled enough in everyday life. Just a whiff could transport one to another time & place, induce certain emotional or mental states,& grace the body with a unique aromatic signature.  

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