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With a medley of ceremonial herbs & resins for a special fire ceremony✨

Utilize to get your fire started~ great for camping, fire pits, or indoor fireplaces. Contains a unique blend of sawdust, wild collected pinecones, moss, bark & other forest gifts to bring forest elements into your burn.

Various herbs like Mugwort, White & Culinary Sages, Bay leaf, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Cedar, Rose Petals & Pine or Frankincense resins to encapsulate traditional ritual herbs & resin used for centuries to accompany an intention setting space. Organic soywax holds it all together & helps it stay lit.

To utilize: Prepare fire as usual with small pieces & dry bits. Build in a pyramid shape or other upright structure to initiate even burning & to ignite larger pieces once it gets going. Light the beeswax hemp wick to start it & place under your structure so it also ignites the other small pieces of wood or dry pieces. As you light it & watch it all ignite, customize your ceremony or ritual to you, following safe practices & listening to your intuition.

*Burn only in a firesafe space with continuous monitoring. Not to be used as a candle.*

Contains *4* ritual cupcake shaped starters per bag with extra moss/ bark & small bits in the bag to help get it all started.

Please allow for variety in each starter~ each is made with unique combinations depending on what is in season, & what the fallings of the forest allow. Created in love, by hand & heart, with intention.

Ritual Fire Starter 🔥

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