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Relax to the max with this bath tea filled with calming herbs & moisturizing powders. Comes with a bath tea pouch to brew a few tablespoons, the reuse pouch for remaining contents or utilize for tea or other means thereon after. This bath blend combines mind easing herbs like passionflower, hops, lavender & blue lotus, for a hypnotic bath experience that calms one like a warm cup of tea. Elements of oat & slippery elm make a milky moisturizing skin treatment that feels so silky smooth & luxurious, you may just want to rub it all over. This bath pouch turns into a creamy bag of goodness once soaked in the water & it oozes skin loving moisture mylks from the slippery elm & oat, which work as emollients that give elasticity & suppleness for dry or tired skin. Epsom salts soak into sore muscles & help relieve stiffness. A little bit of this blend goes a long way, to utilize: add 2-3 tablespoons to pouch & tie it shut. As bath water fills up let it brew in the hot water like a tea. May also be used in the shower as a moisturizing bath pouch. 
One time use per serving, dump enjoyed contents in compost after use, rinse pouch out & let dry. 
Made in love with all organic ingredients: Epsom salt, Gluten Free Oats, Slippery elm powder, herbs of: Hops, Passionflower, Lavender, & Blue Lotus.

Hypnotic Relax Mylk Bath Pack~

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