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Go on, Glow on, and soak up the soothing rays from the star that keeps us all alive. This sun serum is meant to add sheen & sparkle, and amplify your skin’s natural radiance. Mica dust glistens & compliments sun-kissed skin.

Combined in other synergistic oils, Glow on adds an extra layer of moisture & shimmer, with a neutral scent of geranium rooted in myrrh.

Nourishing oils of Rose infused MCT coconut oil, Sea buckthorn, Olive oil, & sun soothing Helichrysum infused into Golden Jojoba, assist with skin regeneration & hyperpigmentation.

Geranium, Frankincense & Carrot seed essential oils are also sun harmonizers that may assist in protection from sun damage when skin is exposed to el sol.


Includes a Carnelian crystal inside to assist in mixing the mica when it settles, & to enhance energetic properties of authentic expression, empowerment, & inspiration.


~ Carnelian Properties;

Carnelion is known as the “feel better” stone. Assists with study, memory, inspiration, speech, & self-esteem. Encourages motivation, ambition, and personal empowerment. Physically, it is said to stimulate the metabolism & help to supply blood to the organs & tissues. It’s helpful for the reproductive organs & during menstruation. Emotionally, Carnelian can help to anchor one into the present moment & improve in concentration. It is associated with the root & sacral chakras which correlate with life force energy, ones’ life purpose & the flow of information from the body to the mind. Carnelian can also cleanse other crystals & remove lingering energies from them.


Formulated to be worn as a shimmer body serum, with components complimentary to sun exposed skin. Not to be used as a sunscreen or sun barrier. Wear other protective components to prevent sun burns or other effects from overindulgence. Suggest wearing Glow on to add shimmer & sheen to bare legs, shoulders & collarbones.


Made with all organic ingredients: Love, Good intentions, Carnelian crystal, Pure Oils of: Helichrysum Jojoba, Sea Buckthorn, Rose Petal infused MCT, Olive oil, Mica, & Essential oils of: Carrot Seed, Myrrh, Frankincense & Geranium.

Contained in a 1 oz glass pump bottle

Botanical Bronzer

SKU: 100
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