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Body oiling is an ancient technique, but it’s starting to get more popularity, which it definitely deserves given all of its positive qualities!

✨It was revered in Ayurveda and honored in the Bible✨

Some quick benefits include :

~ it’s calming & helps to incorporate elements of ritual into every day life,

~ supports the nervous system by hydrating the skin which has nerve endings everywhere!

>it’s soothes the nervous system by keeping nerves lubricated. Among this, self massage also helps release muscle tension and invites relaxation.

~ Offers immune system support by stimulating the lymphatic system, easing inflammation and encouraging circulation. ~Stress is relieved from doing herbal body oiling, which also in turn lowers the body’s immune response.

~ it increases blood circulation, joint, lubrication, soft and healthy skin, and decreased anxiety both post immediate use, and long-term.

🌿Herbal body oiling incorporates the medicinal properties of the herbs that it is infused with, as well as the carrier oil that brings these properties through and seeps into your skin. Herbal body oil is just as it sounds, it is oil that is infused with herbs and typically doesn’t have essential oils in it. This is actually more beneficial since herbal body oiling is helpful daily or numerous times a day, and essential oils can be quite concentrated. The medicinal properties of the herbs as a whole plant extract are utilized as opposed to, in the case of an essential oil, one particular, or a few particular constituents in concentrate.

This is a gentle blend of lavender & mugwort to inspire relaxation & bring one to the gates of the dream space.

Brewed & sun infused over a course of weeks, in organic golden jojoba oil- one of the closest to our skins natural sebum.

Apply all over body or on face.

Made in love with organic ingredients:

Mugwort, Lavender, Jojoba oil, sunshine & time.

Gates of Dreaming Herbal Body oil

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