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Step into the magic of the woods and walk amongst the wisest beings on earth. The trees hold hands beneath the dirt and their roots weave together and share secrets amongst each other. They reach towards the skies and unite heaven to earth, soaking up sun rays and bathing in lunar light and constellations at night. As above, so below they reach in each direction, unifying duality and integrating opposites. This scent blend is relevant in bringing one to a place of natural reality amongst the technical connected concrete jungle of the modern world. Celestial woods emits scents of the forest; a place of interconnectedness, deep wisdom, and easy breathing. Notes of celestial amber flutter through hints of sandalwood, cedarwood, cypress and Siberian fir.
Made in love with organic: Shea butter, MCT oil, local Beeswax, Celestial Amber resin, & Essential oils of: Cypress, Sandalwood, Silver  Fir, & Cedarwood. 

Celestial Woods Solid Perfume

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