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A warm ember that burns slow and steady throughout the night. This perfume is absolutely intoxicating, but also subtle- with deep & rich notes of Amber resin, lit up behind a lather of shea butter. Glide on shoulders, collar bones, neck & onto pulse points & radiate a warm, deep & inviting scent that lingers lovely throughout the day & night. Amber is a beautiful aroma which is reminiscent of warm vanilla, deep caramel, wood & resin. It is also an aphrodisiac aromatic, which compliments other perfumes as well.  Comes in a 0.5 oz glass jar. Use a pea size amount at at time, a little bit goes a long way. Made in love with all organic ingredients; Amber resin, Shea butter, & Myrrh.

Amber Aphrodisia Embalming Perfume

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