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Sleep is such a sacred thing we do at the end of each day. Dreaming is a gift from our imagination and can be a time of adventure & give gifts of insight into our lives & how we are perceiving things. It is a special thing to dream! 
This pillow mist helps uplift one to the state of dreaming, with the ultimate dreaming herb, Mugwort. Mugwort is known for helping one to bring about an awareness which allows for deeper dreaming & the possibility of lucid dream states. Lucid dreams are those which the dreamer is “awake” within the dream, or knows that they are indeed in a dream. When practiced, these lucid dreams are neat because the dreamer can learn to consciously interact within the dreams they find themselves in. 

Mugwort is also helpful in dream recall, so that upon awakening, one may find it easier to remember their previous dream. 

In combination with a mentally relaxing blend of Jasmine, Neroli, Cape Chamomile & Melissa~ these amigos lend the prime atmosphere to fall asleep & into the dream space. This mist may also serve as a body splash to assist in winding down, or accompanying relaxing practices like yoga or meditation. 

Spray on yourself, pillow cases, in the air, or anywhere to bring some lucid love to the atmosphere~ 

Made in love with wild harvested & organic ingredients: 
Mugwort & Neroli Hydrosols, Rose H2O, Flower essences of lavender & chamomile, Essential oils of: Jasmine, Neroli, Cape Chamomile, & Melissa.

Lucid Love Dreams Pillow Spray

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