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Rich green mask filled with chlorophyll and detoxifying compounds designed to bring brightness & radiance to the face.

Made with All organic ingredients; Love, Good intention, Bentonite clay, Chlorella, & Matcha.

~Blend Benefits~

Topical Application of Superfoods can provide the skin with benefits that otherwise wouldn’t be obtained through ingestion alone.

~Bentonite Clay;  Pulls excess sebum & bacteria from pores, draws out toxins & alleviates acne, heals skin tissues & reduces appearance of scars & wrinkles. evens skin tone & prevents blackheads.

~Chlorella; Rich in antioxidants, calms skin inflammation or irritation, pulls toxins & tones the skin, nourishes & regenerates, providing radiance & glow.

~Matcha; Improves complexion, exfoliates skin cells, rejuvenates skin texture, reduces overly oily skin, antioxidants reduce redness & inflammation, eases age spots & wrinkles.


Emerald Empress Chlorella & Matcha Face Mask

SKU: 21554345656
  • Mix 1 tsp mask with just enough h2o to form into a paste. apply to clean face & let dry, then rinse off with cold h2o. alternatively, you could try lemon juice, honey, or apple cider vinegar in place of h2o. wash off if irritation occurs.

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